1st International Congress on ADHD 2007

and 39th International Danube Symposium

The combined congress of the 39th International Danube Symposium and 1st International Congress on ADHD in Würzburg has presented high quality scientific sessions, starting on 2 June, 07 with the Opening Lecture on the Asperger's Syndrome by Professor Helmut Remschmidt, Germany.

In the following days

  • 14 Plenary Symposia
  • 25 Hot Topic Symposia
  • 26 Educational Seminars
  • 27 Guided Poster Tours
  • 3 Video Sessions

were offered in an extremely attractive and stimulating scientific programme. All sessions as well as the technical exhibition in the foyers of the main halls were very well attended by the congress delegates.

During the sessions and guided poster tours, authors from all continents have presented their latest results on medical research in the field of psychiatry and neurology.

You can still have a look on the Final Programme of the 39th International Danube Symposium and 1st International Congress on ADHD 2007.

Top 10 of Presentations by countries:

  1. Germany
  2. United States
  3. UK
  4. Austria
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Brasil
  7. Israel
  8. Poland
  9. Malaysia
  10. Greece

The poster committee has awarded the seven best posters with poster prices, which were given mainly to young scientists from all over the world, like Canada, Russia or Ireland.

Best Poster Awards

ADHD Poster Prize

    * Marie-Christine Brault, Canada     
Effect of boys’ hyperactivity and inattention behaviours on mathematics achievement

    * Prof. Dr. Jaanus Harro, Estland     
Attention deficit symptoms, visual information processing, and the ADRA2A
C- 1291G polymorphism in a population derived sample of children and adolescents

    * Dr. Artur Kolakowski, Poland     
Cartoons about ADHD for children as a method of psychoeducation

    * Angelika Schmitt, Germany     
Expression of synaptic vesicle proteins in a mouse model for ADHD – with and
without methylphenidate treatment

    * Dr. Adeel Siddiqui, United Kingdom     
Functional assessment of the circadian clock in adults with attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder

Danube Poster Prize

    * Torsten Bullmann, Germany    
The adult rodent hippocampus as a model for studying shifts in tau isoform expression

    * Dmitry Molotkov, Russia     
From structure of the limk 1 gene to cognitive disorders: A drosophila model for
defective actin remodelling

    * Dr. Aida Sapcanin, Bosnia and Herzegovina     
Antioxidant capacity in the lipophylic fraction of Alzheimer's brain tissues