2nd International Congress on ADHD 2009

The 2nd International Congress on ADHD was held from 21 - 24 May 2009 in the Hofburg in Vienna, Austria. The charm of this city rich in history and culture, the famous “Viennese School of Medicine” and many extraordinary hot spots made the congress in the heart of the city a spectacular event. This congress followed the 1st Congress in Würzburg that was a big success and step forward gathering outstanding scientists on ADHD from all five continents with more than 1.700 attendees from 70 countries. Vienna Hofburg

Poster Prizes

The poster prize committee and the scientific committee congratulates the following authors for winning the poster prize (in alphabetical order):

Ms Corinna Greven, UK: "Genetic overlap between ADHD and reading is driven by inattentiveness and its relations to aspects of reading, rather than by hyperactivity-impulsivity"

Ms Lindita Imeraj, Belgium: "Role of circadian rhythms in ADHD and behavioral fluctuations"

Mr. Daniel Lenz, Germany: "Evoked gamma-band activity as a marker of altered early visual processing in ADHD patients"

Dr. Swantje Matthies, Germany: "The more severe ADHD in childhood the higher the risk for co-occurring axis II disorders in adulthood? – personality disorders in adult ADHD as diagnosed with the International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE)"

Dr. Anthony Ocana, Canada: "Management of cocaine addiction in adult ADHD"

Ms Naoko Shinoda, Japan: "Effects of ADHD traits on career decision-making of university students in Japan"