ADHD World Federation – From Child to Adult Disorder
Who we are

Purpose, Mission and Goals

Our association was founded in 2007 at the 1st International Congress, which was held in Würzburg, Germany.

Who we are

The World Federation of ADHD brings together a professional community and their regional ADHD associations. 

We aim to disseminate education about ADHD and advocate for patients and their families by enabling world experts to teach clinicians, researchers and other ADHD stakeholders on how to use scientific facts and clinical wisdom to create better outcomes for people with ADHD. 

Professor Andreas Warnke, Director of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy at the University of Würzburg, Germany, was officially nominated the first president of our non-profit organisation.


The objective and mission of the World Federation of ADHD shall be

  • to disseminate knowledge about ADHD
  • to promote research into causes, prevention and treatment of ADHD
  • to formulate and promote public policy that will affect the care of patients favourably
  • to exchange information between scientists, physicians, health experts, ADHD lay organisations, self-help groups and the public
  • to collaborate with other related professionals and lay organizations
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Mission and Goals

Dissemination of knowledge about ADHD shall be achieved by...
  1. Organizing international congresses and symposia about ADHD. 
  2. Publishing books, international consensus statements and other collateral materials committed to high scientific standards and peer review. 
  3. Collaborating with other international organizations and lay groups.
Promotion of research into causes, prevention and treatment of ADHD shall be achieved by...
  1. Using the federation`s influence and resources to enhance the support for research.
  2. Facilitating the dissemination of information by providing forums, such as medical journals, scientific symposia and international congresses, abstracts of recently published papers.
Formulation and promotion of a public policy that will affect the care of patients with ADHD favourably shall be achieved by...
  1. Playing a pro-active role in the development of policies that affect the support of research and patient care. 
  2. Working with regulatory agencies to assist them in the approval process of safe and effective therapeutic interventions. 
  3. Informing the public (media) and patient support groups on new research and advances in diagnostics and therapeutics. 
Medal of the World Federation of ADHD

The Medal of the WFADHD

The World Federation of ADHD honours distinguished colleagues... 


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