ADHD World Federation – From Child to Adult Disorder
ICS Meeting

International Consensus Statement videos

ADHD is a real disorder that stigmatizes affected people. 

In order to spread evidence-based knowledge, give support to caregivers and increase access to treatment, experts of WF ADHD have written the International Consensus Statement. 


We invited some specialists to make the following videos to introduce the main aspects of ICS, which include:


An overview of the ICS
by Prof. Stephen Faraone

The ADHD brain,
by Prof. Katya Rubia

Randomized controlled trials of ADHD medications, 
by Prof. Samuele Cortese

Understanding and Treating Complex ADHD,
by Prof. Jeffrey H. Newcorn

Neuropsychology of ADHD: 
What clinicians need to know, 
by Prof. Mark Bellgrove


Chinese translation

Prof. Li Yang organized the Chinese translation. Dr. Huining Guo, Dr. Lingzi Xu, and Dr. Rao Xie contributed to the oral interpretation, while Dr. Rao Xie, Dr. Xuping Gao, and Dr. Zhao Fu participating in the slides translation.