ADHD World Federation – From Child to Adult Disorder
Psychopharmacology of ADHD

Session 1 | Psychopharmacology of ADHD

Unfortunately, it was not possible for our experts to answer all questions posed during the hour-long seminar. Professor Jeffrey newcorn has taken the time to respond to your questions on "Psychopharmacology of ADHD". Find the responses here.


1 | What is the best add on drug, in MPH works well, but maximum dosage is reached (or causes weight loss in high dosage) and the patient has only partial remission?
2 | I would be keen to hear expert thoughts on combination stimulant treatment (Ritalin and Dexamphetamine) in adult patients and the dosing in those combinations.
3 | MPH seems to be safe in Patients with epilepsy. Do you know it thats the case for other ADHD drugs?
4 | Many of my patients with ADHD who have unstructured lives (usually living alone, unemployed and not in education) struggle to appraise if medication works for them. Can you recommend alternative approaches in helping such people manage their subjective difficulties, or should we be reducing medication use in such patients?
5 | Do you have any thoughts on predictors of response to methylphenidate vs amphetamine molecules, as a seoncdary follow up,  any new data on which might be better in treating emotional dysregulation symptoms of ADHD? 
6 |Long Covid and post Covid symptoms like "brain fog" suggests that Covid may affect brain function in a similar way to ADHD. So, I assume that this effect in those with ADHD will be compounded and so are those with ADHD at double jeopardy and more vulnerable to Covid sequelae than the general population? 
7 | I see spleep disorders with LDX (Vyvanse / Elvanse), and loss of appetite with younger Patients. What can you suggest?
8 | Who decide and what are the criteria weather ADHD person should or should not take medications?
9 | What do you think of studies by Fran Levin and one from Denmark showing high doses of stimulants reduce but substance abuse and ADHD?
10 | Does anyone have experience using solriamfetol off label for ADHD?
11 | I am honoured and thrilled to listen all the speakers. I am from North Macedonia, I am child and adolescent psychiatrist. It is good for you since you have many medication options. We have a big problem, as we do not have any psychostimulant medication and we must give other unappropriate drugs for the condition.  We even do not have guanfacine or clonidine. And my prescriptions are not valid in EU. Thus, the parents could not buy it in other countries. Would you like to give any suggestions or contact from some pharmaceutical company that will be interested for this market at the Balkans? Or idea for other solution?
12 | Is extended release viloxazine any better than other non-stimulants?
13 |
a. If one starts taking stimulants as a grown up, could that have a long-term positive effect on the brain? (I've read it's possible with kids if medication is started in very young age).
b. Does the patient HAVE to take breaks in medicating, in order to avoid getting used to them?
c. Is there a known connection of ADHD and fibromyalgia?
14 | MTF or LDX in first-line treatment ?