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Webinar "Meet the Experts"

Webinar "Meet the Experts"

Towards better care of ADHD: How Does Recent Research Inform Diagnosis and Treatment?


Our moderators

Luis A. Rohde, Jeffrey Newcorn, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Li Yang


Thank you letter

Dear members, colleagues, and friends of the World Federation of ADHD,

The WFADHD would like to thank our moderators and panelists for their active participation in our webinar focusing on the „Psychopharmacology of ADHD“ and the „Psychological Approaches to Treatment and Diagnosis“, which took place on June 29th.

We also would like to thank our attendees, whose many questions posed led to excellent discussions with our experts.

The WFADHD is pleased with the outcome of this event and is thus currently discussing a continuation of this event format.

The webinar was recorded and is now accessible free of charge!

Unfortunately, it was not possible for our experts to answer all questions posed during the hour-long seminar. Professor Jeffrey Newcorn and Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke have taken the time to respond to your questions.

The Board of the World Federation of ADHD


Session 1 | Psychopharmacology of ADHD

Our panel of experts


Session 2 | Psychological Approaches to Treatment and Diagnosis

Our panel of experts